Monthly Archives: September 2012

Pain Resources

Hello again!  It has been way too long since I posted something!  Time slipped away in travel and family things and work things.  But I am back at it.  As promised last July here are some resources for pain management:  the subtitle of this website is “Improving pain treatment through education”.  It is a mix of provider information and patient information and also describes a lot about opioid use.   It’s good to have an understanding of where your doctor is coming from.  This is the official site for the International Association for the Study of Pain.  If you click on resources, then patient resources you will find more links that may be helpful to your particular situation.  This website is devoted to educating the health professional on how to assist people in pain to change their pain.  There are resources for patients on the site.  This is the patient information area of the American Academy of Neurology, there are some videos for different neurological diagnosis.  Some will cost money.  In the non-pharmaceutical department, here are a few recommendations for supplements that have been shown to help reduce pain for different conditions.  Of course, check with your provider to make sure you don’t get any interactions with things you are already taking.  Here is an article from WebMD that can give you an overview of non-medical options for pain management  And this is a video that explains the Explain Pain model in under five minutes.  I like to use this one when educating people on pain.
I hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall!  Sara