Monthly Archives: October 2012

Do we need to drag up the past?

Physical therapy might be thought of as learning to use our body’s like we might learn to own a car, we learn how to drive it, how to take care of the engine, etc.  This is not a complete analogy, because the body has consciousness.  But managing the body consciousness is definitely one of the things you can learn in some physical therapy settings.
The body is like a big recording device.  It remembers everything that has happened to it.  We develop ways of being based on the stimulus our body has received.  When we become conscious of that we can begin to ‘drive’ the body with more finesse.  Adverse childhood experiences can set the tone of how we respond in stressful situation.  Fear can lead to bodily tension that then causes physical strain.  We can perhaps repair the strain, but for long term health it is extremely valuable to recognize the presence of fear and respond at that first level.

So does this mean we have to go back through and resolve all the past events in our life in which we were hurt?  There are many opinions about this.  I think it is valuable and important to reflect on your life and have an understanding of it.  This is the work of psychology.   When we have an understanding of ourselves, we will have a quicker recognition of tension  triggers.  But as it says in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, understanding does not save.  I think the more pertinent question is how will I live today?  When I recognize fear, and how I am physically with fear, I can create a different relationship with it.  One that is more open, accepting and compassionate toward the part of me that is afraid.  This is the development of an observer self that sees the shaking, sees where the tension is held and decides to let it go.  This observer self could be found in the Tan Tien, the center of gravity of our body at about the belly button level.   So today watch from your center, have compassion for what you notice, within and without and then let go of tension!
Much Love!  Sara