Monthly Archives: September 2013

Things that would put me out of business

1.  Start new activities in a small amount and build up gradually

2.  Keep a regular schedule of sleeping, moderate exercise and healthy anti-inflammatory eating

3.  Poop regularly

4.  Practice mindful breathing and mindful movement

5.  Use your abdominal muscles effectively.

This might actually reduce the health care crisis as well.  Don’t tell anyone, it might hurt the economy……

Consistency for the Inconsistent

Consistency is necessary for results.  However, this is difficult for me. and I think it is a challenge for a lot of people.  So as I restart ‘blogging’, I dedicate my first post to all those who have trouble being consistent.  In order to achieve the outcomes you desire, consider the following:

1. Recognize your default setting and don’t judge.  Recognize that the default setting might be sitting and vegetating, or some such thing.  When you see this happening, don’t judge!  Maybe you need a little time to relax.

2.    A little goes a long way.  Rather than having to do something for a long period of time.  Spend just a few minutes.  Keep it short, whether a workout, a meditation, or any task.  Break them down to bite sizes you can do on a regular basis.  Often we put things off because we don’t think we have the two hour block needed to ‘do it right’.  10 minutes can go a long way for things like fitness and mindfulness.

3.  Establish a minimum baseline of activity.  Have some basic agreements with yourself on what you will get done.  This baseline consists of a few things you want to do on a regular basis to maintain health.

4.  Routine.  Establishing a schedule helps to keep you on track with your baseline activities.  It eliminates the questions, ‘do I want to?, or do I feel like it?’  The answer to these questions for me in regards to the stuff that is good for me is often, no.   On the other hand, if the clock says it is time, it is time.

5.  And not routine.  Doing the same thing every single day does not work for me.  So I have three or four different exercise routines I do and different meditation styles.  By changing it up routinely, I stick with activities longer.

Well, that’s what I have for today!  Much Love, SaraTherefore, my Cenestherapeutics blog will post more regularly, but be short a more a reflection of what is current for me.  And I hope as a result what I hoped to share here will unfold in its own way.